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We Know Our Market!

No other site on the internet has the tightly focused market that URNotAlone has. Our members and visitors are educated, affluent with diverse interests and we know what they want and how to reach them.

Your Options

Our members and visitors all like our site for different reasons. Some of them are looking for friends or partners, others are just looking for content. We understand who uses our site and why, and can advise you on the best marketing options for your product or service.

Banner Ad Locations

* We do not allow sexually explicit banners in any section of our site.

Our Rates

Unlike many other sites, we don't charge you based on impressions, or clicks or any other arcane system. Just like traditional advertising, you pay one small flat rate.

Be sure to ask about the availability of the various sections, as we only allow 5 advertisers per section so that each advertiser is guaranteed a minimum of 20% of the impressions within that section.

These rates are per section. We base our rates on the number of impressions and amount of time spent by our visitors within each section of the site.

Our advertisers report thousands of hits a day when advertising with us (individual statistics available upon request).

  Month Quarter Year
People (Top) $125 $275 $825
Profile (1st Separator) $125 $275 $825
Profile (2nd Separator) $125 $275 $825
Left Side Banner $125 $275 $825
Main $100 $200 $525
Articles $50 $90 $250
Events $50 $90 $250
Advertising Zones

Sections of the Site

URNotAlone's site is broken down into sections for advertising. Each of these sections sees enormous amounts of traffic, but some are more popular than others. Additionally, different segments of our market are attracted to different sections on our site.


Our people section is a collection of profiles (Men, Women, MtoF, FtoM, Admirers, etc) from all over the world. Definitely the busiest section of our site, many of our members and visitors check this section daily.

An ideal place to market Adult Content sites, or Services targeted to the Transgender Community.

NEW! People Separators

Now, you can embed your standard banner within our profile listings directly. They aren't too intrusive, and you are guaranteed to be seen by tens of thousands of people. Possibly the best place on the site to be listed!

There are two zones. Zone 1 appears after the first 6 profiles, and Zone 2 appears right before the last six profiles. Contact us about availability.

Left Side Banner

The Left Side Banner appears on all sections of URNA that utilize a left menu. This ad space probably gets the most attention, but because it isn't targeted like our other advertising options, is best suited for generalized services and products (i.e. clothing, shoes, travel, etc)


The first ads that people see when they enter the site. Almost 60% of our traffic enters the site in this fasion.


Another great place to promote your Content Site(s).

Articles and Events

The least active sections of our site, but often where those curious about learning more about the community find themselves. A good place for specific services.


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