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URNotAlone FAQ (Last Updated: March 27, 2022)

I’m an old URNA member. How do I sign into my account? 

You may reactivate your old URNA membership by selecting “Support Chat” or “Adult Chat” button(s) at the top of each page. Then click the “Sign On” button. Enter your old email or username along with your password. Upon signing in you will be asked to verify your profile information and your profile along with photos, galleries, etc. will be reactivated. If you encounter any problems look for the “Support” link on the chat pages.

URNotAlone FAQ - Answers to the most frequently asked questions about URNA

What happened to the old profiles?

URNotAlone.com (URNA) suffered a major database corruption in 2021 that rendered the site inoperable. We have restored URNA profiles and member galleries. Existing member profiles along with their primary photos have been ported to our new chat platform. Using your existing URNA login credentials, simply sign into chat as mentioned above, and your profile will be instantly updated.

Why don’t I see my friends’ profiles?

The old URNA member profiles are not activated in the new chat platform until the member signs in using their existing login credentials. If you don’t see your friends please invite them to join you in the new chat platform. Once they sign in for the first time you will be able to view their profile and any public photos.

Do I have to pay for a premium membership?

Nope. URNotAlone.com has discontinued premium memberships. All areas of the site are 100% free. We do not anticipate resuming paid subscriptions. However, we are now supported by sponsor ads. If you happen to purchase any of our sponsors’ products or services then we are likely to receive a referral commission. This is how we pay for the programming service, web hosting, licensed software, content provider stipends and other related expenses of maintaining the site.

Do you allow trans admirers at URNA?

Admirers have been welcome at URNotAlone since its inception in 1996. In fact, the founder Jon was a proud trans admirer and the partner of lovely co-founder Vicky. John and Vicky were active in the online trans community for many years before handing the site over to Pam. We ask that admirers be respectful to our transgender members. Come make some great trans friends at URNotAlone!

URNotAlone FAQ for Chat

How do I sign into the new chat?

Look for the buttons at the top of each URNA page. You may select either Support Chat (non-adult) or Trans Adult Chat. Please be sure you select the correct chat for your needs. Once you click a button or a text link for your chat you will simply enter your username and password to enter. If you don’t have a membership just sign up for a free account.

Can I have a chat account in both support and adult chat rooms?

Absolutely! Just use the same process listed above. Either sign in using your existing URNA membership credentials or register a new account. Plenty of members have a chat account on both chat platforms. Sometimes it’s nice to flirt and enjoy adult companionship but other times it’s nice to just chat with your trans friends and not be bothered with dating inquiries, sex chat or naughty picture requests.

What do I do if I have a problem in chat?

The fastest way to deal with a problem in chat is to message a moderator in the chat rooms, if available. If not, look for the “Support” navigation link toward the top right of either chat page. Then you can submit details necessary to document your support request. We will reply as soon as possible.

URNotAlone FAQ – More

How do I contact you for anything else?

See our contact page for various methods to contact anyone on the staff of URNotAlone.com.

URNotAlone FAQ (Last Updated: March 27, 2022)

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