URNA Transgender Blogs

URNA transgender blogs are now online!URNA transgender blogs are now online. You may view both transgender support blogs and adult blogs anytime. There is no need to sign in to view these public blogs.

URNA members may edit or post new blogs by signing into your chat platform at transgender support chat or URNA adult chat.

URNA Transgender Journals are Back as Blogs!

Older URNA members will recall the member journals. URNA journals are back! They are now called blogs and they are a free feature of both our transgender support chat and adult chat platforms. URNA members will find your old blogs once you log into your chat platform using your login credentials. Blogs, galleries, photos and friends will be listed on your profile page. You will be able to view and edit your blog entries and create new blog posts anytime you wish.

Do I Have to Be a Good Writer?

No! You will most likely find that your writing improves the more you practice. However, many well-known bloggers confess to being “terrible writers” but they succeed regardless. Good communication consists of much more than “proper writing.” Your style and your passion may be more important than actual grammar and writing skills.

URNA Transgender Blogs – Safety

We urge all members to exercise caution in all online activities, including blogging. Do not divulge personally-identifying information that could subject you to personal safety risks, identity theft or scam/blackmail attempts. The URNotAlone chat community platform allows you to remain anonymous and we encourage you not to share your personal information with anyone.

URNA Transgender Blog Benefits

Blogging has a number of benefits for the transgender community. We each have our own reasons to share blog posts. We have compiled a few here, for your consideration.

Share Your Transgender Journey

You are among friends. You may express yourself freely in a supportive and informed environment. Blogging can be a great way to explore your gender identity and the array of experiences during gender transition. Your thoughts and experiences may help others. In fact, it may be life-changing for someone who needs to hear what you have to share.

Make New Friends

We tend to like people whom we know the most about. By sharing glimpses of your life and your personality in blog posts, you may very well attract new friends. These friends will share some common interests that you probably wouldn’t realize just by viewing a profile photo and reading a brief bio.

Support Others

Blogging is a great way to share your personal knowledge and experiences with others. Your blog might share tips on transgender voice training, makeup tips, passing in public or making others aware of political issues. What you share is up to you. You may truly make a difference, whether for one or many.

Practice and Refine Writing Skills

Writing is a skill that requires practice. The more you write, the better you will become at writing. Blogging and proofreading is a great way to stay in practice and to build new skills as you refine your style. Sometimes readers will provide helpful feedback and often their comments will suggest future blog topics of interest.


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