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What makes URNA different than the rest? Most sites that cater to the Transgendered Community often do so as an afterthought. The sites that DO cater directly to the Transgendered community are often prohibitively expensive.

It is not our goal at URNA to make money from our Member Services. The small fees that we charge go to offset the high cost of hosting and bandwidth incurred by running such a massive and popular site. URNA's only goal is to provide a safe, friendly environment to help bring people with similar interests together. We do this by tightly focusing on our audience and targeting our market with what it wants.

With URNA you're not visiting a site run by an anonymous corporation or anonymous people, you're visiting a site and becoming part of a community where there are people you know behind the scenes. We have profiles here on this site and on many others, we even chat in the chat room. We don't just support the community, we are part of the community.

Compare our services with those of other major sites and see the URNA difference. (sections in white show comparable levels of service)

  URNA TGConnect TGForum
Site Focus Transgender/Admirers Transgender Transgender Gay
Free Chat Public None Limited to Members Limited to Members
Targeted Marketing YES NO Members ONLY
Profiles w/o Photo NO * YES YES
Profiles Expire YES ** NO NO
TGirl Profiles Online ~16,000 ~550 Unknown
Browse Profiles Limited FREE Limited to Members
Contact Members Limited FREE $19.95 mo/$89.95 Yr
Profile Registration FREE $15 yr FREE
Public Gallery FREE $35 YR Limited to Members
View Public Gallery Limited to Members FREE Limited to Members
Location Database FREE N/A N/A
Event Calendar FREE N/A N/A
Discussion Forums YES N/A YES YES
Friend Lists YES NO NO YES

* Do you really want to meet people who won't post their photos? URNA goes out of it's way to ensure QUALITY listings. NOT Quantity. Show us another site with 10,100+ Quality Profiles.

** So many sites on the Internet are littered with dead links and profiles whose owner that just aren't around anymore. URNA only shows the profiles of members who have logged in within the last nine months, ensuring that you aren't wasting your time.


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