Agony and ecstasy: sex advice – Dr Thomas Stuttaford and Suzi Godson

I have recently started fantasising about transsexuals although I’m happily married and definitely not gay. Would it be a huge mistake to tell my wife?

Dr Thomas Stuttaford says:

I assume that your fantasies relate to being a transsexual rather than to having sex with a transsexual. But there is frequently confusion between transsexuality and transvestism. Transsexuals have a deeply ingrained conviction that they should properly have been designated a member of the opposite sex, and that there is a disparity between their physique and their psyche. They are certain that their only hope of happiness is to put their Maker?s mistake right and that they should change their genitalia. They take hormones that make their primary and secondary sexual characteristics more like those of the opposite sex, the gender they feel they should have had.