This was revealed in chat….a meaning of urna

In Buddhist art and culture, the Urna (more correctly ūrṇā or ūrṇākośa (Pāli uṇṇa), and known as byakugō (白毫) in Japan) is a spiral or circular dot placed on the forehead of Buddhist images as an ausp…

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Rachel: Lou Reed’s Transsexual Muse

dangerousminds.net – Posted by Marc Campbell

The source of inspiration for most of the songs on Coney Island Baby, Lou Reed’s transvestite lover and muse Rachel (Tommy) has always been somewhat of a mystery figure. In all that’s been written about R…

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Still QQ after all these years

xtra.ca – Kevin Dale McKeown – Vancouver

It was three in the morning at the Granville St White Lunch, where the night was ending for some and the party was in full swing for others.

Faces, Champagne Charlie’s and the August Club had sent their r…

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Transgender History, Present and Future

globalcomment.com – By Feature Writer Mary-Beth Snow

Susan Stryker, Transgender History, Seal Press, 2008.

Kate Bornstein and S. Bear Bergman, eds. Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation, Seal Press, 2010.

The feminist press Seal has carved out a…

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A Short History of Cross-Dressing in Media

flavorwire.com – by Emily Temple

All the hubbub about Brian Bedford’s spectacular performance as Lady Bracknell in the recent Broadway revival of The Importance of Being Earnest has gotten us thinking. So much media in our culture revolves around, o…

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Remembering the ‘other’ Stonewall

dallasvoice.com – By Hardy Haberman – Flagging Left

Take a moment and remember the riots, Compton’s Cafe, and the trans women, drag queens, butch lesbians and leatherpeople who weren’t afraid to fight back

As we celebrate this year’s National Ga…

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