History of URNotAlone

Jon, Founder of URNotAlone.com working on the site

Hi everyone, thought it might be nice to tell you a little something about Vicky and I, something about the history of URNotAlone and something about Dan, without who, URNotAlone would never have become what you see today…

Vicky and Jon:
We’re a …

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Interview with Richard J. Novic, M.D.

Interview with Richard J. Novic, M.D.,

Author of Alice in Genderland: A Crossdresser Comes of Age

Jon: I?m here today with Dr. Richard Novic, better known in our community as GIRL TALK magazine advice columnist, Alice Novic. Alice, I must admit t…

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Diamond Dunhill, Performer Extroadanaire!

Diamond Dunhill, Performer Extroadanaire!

by Diamond & Jon – Jan 8, 2006

Alot has changed in the 3 years since we originally Interviewed Diamond so we decided to bring it up to date.

A Brief Interview with Diamond Dunhill, Jon’s Favorite Performer. This was put together when the triple crown winner flew back from her Virgin Vega$ Tour to hometown Boston to rest her seXXXy self before continuing her 6-state 6-week winter tour.

Q: So, Diamond, was it happening in Vegas?
A: Ohhhh, it was happening alright! I went to the AVN Expo and felt like a porno star giving autographs, taking pictures and signing strangers’ T-shirts. Now, Jon, i’m not in the sex/porno industry in any aspect but i was approached by several to be. You KNOW you would be the first to know if i was! I did make quick new drag friends when i performed out there, welcoming me back to their shows anytime. Total opposite, however, at the Las Vegas Lounge;maybe it was the way i looked OR the way they didnt want me to look. I didnt stay long enough to reach the 2 drink minimum bestowed upon me. I’m a GOOD gurl – i don’t drink (don’t like the taste of liquor;much rather have Coke, orange, cranberry, grape juice or good ol’ Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee!).

Q: You do have an Extremely Exotic look… may I ask your ethnic background?
A: Exotic…i get that alot. People always seem to try figure it out. I’m actually Chinese with 1/4 Filipino…Born in the U.S.of A.,Boston, Massachusetts. People don’t always think Asian;some think Black. Some have even said i resemble Zola or Donna Summer. Both legends whom i idolize. I think it’s my trademark lips/mouth/smile!

Q: Diamond, how long have you been Performing?
A: I’ve been performing in the metro Boston area since 1999, actually Sunday September 19, 1999 to be exact, the night i launched the Dragon Tea Dance at the Machine nightclub. It was New England’s only Gay Asian night and it featured the popular 15-minute Drag-on Showgirl Showcase which i hosted. Our show grew to 2-hours when we moved the “Asian Invasion” a year later to Boston’s drag head-quarters, Jacques Cabaret, in the Bay Village neighborhood of Boston.

Q: I highly recommended many to check out ur Sunday show… and many careers started and grew there too.
A: Well, thank you. At the beginning, it was myself; then Destiny, Ivory, my cousin Sum Yung Ho, Trinity Satine. It wasn’t totally exclusively Asian/Pacific Islander either…signing on Ebonee Excell, Baby Crystal, Midori, Sexy Lexy over the years. Drag-on Showgirl means “No Additions. No Subtractions…But Results May Vary!”

Q: Have ur “gurls” performed anywhere other than Boston?
A: Yes, from Maine to Miami, Lynn to Las Vega$, Hollywood to Harvard University, NYC to Northampton, Providence to Provincetown, Salem to Saks Fifth Avenue, Ft Lauderdale to Filenes…and have enjoyed every minute!

Q: What nights do you perform at Jacques Cabaret?
A: On Thursdays I DJ and Perform in the “Jacques Angels” revue. I also host my “Foxy Follies” drag revue every 2nd and 4th Monday with special guest performers. I am heading down to So.Florida for a winter break!

Q: Now, is this for tanning or for shows?
A: BOTH! I’m a diamond in the rough with my tan fading up North here. I resort to Florida 2Xs a year, generally the months of February and October. This year, i fly down late January 2006 to bring the Drag-on Showgirl Showcase to Trixies, the Hollywood showbar in So.Florida. Opening night, Sunday January 29th, coincides with Chinese New Year! How fitting! …out with the Cock…in with the Year of the Dog.

Q: …while ur down there…will you be doing other shows?
A: …OOOOH!…yes. I’m performing weekly this winter tour at the Hollywood Trixies Bar on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and on Sundays for my show. Shows run from 10pm-2am. A cabaret is in the works for Mondays in (Wilton Manors) Ft Lauderdale, Florida. Then, on my days-off, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, i’ll probably drive down to Miami South Beach for shows at twist.

Q: Ur driving now?!
A: Jonnnnnn! NO WAY! I don’t know how to Drive! …I get driven! 😉 You don’t want to see me behind a wheel though but i Do get excited with my selt belt tightly secured!

Q: …and Boston?
A: Boston-bound for a quickie in March, first week. Wednesday March 1st, i’ll fly in to do a Jacques show. Thursday, i’m hosting a mega 3-hour show at Fitchburg State College featuring 10 Boston drag icons! Friday the 3rd, i’ll be down at Union in Providence with my 2006 Drag-on Showgirls…then back to Florida to the Sunday revue. It’s like Sundays are synonomous with Drag-on Showgirls but i’ll see Boston when it’s warmer or when a hurricane blows me UP!

Q: Any chance I can get you to let me Shoot you for the ModelTS Section of the site?
A: Speaking of Blow-UP!!!!!!!…right?(!^!^!!#@$! Jonnnnnnnnnn! Ur still asking me! I told you…only with whipped cream, peanut butter or ice cubes covering my jewels! I don’t think duct tape will suffice, will it? Besides…is there a public demand? Let me know!

A note from Jon… I’m a Big fan of Diamonds. I hope to catch her show in So.Florida again when she’s not in Boston in the winter. She’s an excellent Performer and a Good Friend.

I encourage all of you that read this to make it a point to get off your butts and Head to a Diamond show may it be at Jacques or Trixies. She’s entertaining and works Hard so i know she’ll be in a city/town close to you soon. See some of the Prettiest, most Talented Girls at any Drag Bar around the Country with her Drag-on Showgirls. I happen to be lucky enough to live in Boston to watch these Girls Grow in the last six years.

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Vicki Richter

Vicki Richter burst onto the transgender scene a little while back and has been going strong ever since. She has an amazing personality and has graciously agreed to do an interview for URNotAlone.URNA: How long have you been on the internet?


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