Transgender Articles Online

Transgender Articles Library at

Transgender Articles Online Transgender articles are online at URNotAlone following a database failure. We are actively working to restore all the old content of URNA plus new features! The URNA transgender articles online library has been restored. Over 6000 trans articles are sorted by category …

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Trans Support Chat

Transgender support chat at

Trans Support Chat Trans support chat is available at This free non-adult support chat platform is designed for transsexuals, crossdressers, transgender people, trans community allies and anyone exploring the transgender spectrum. You can sign in using your existing URNotAlone member credentials! URNA member profiles and …

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Adult Trans Chat

adult transgender chat at urna

Trans Adult Chat at URNA Trans adult chat is now available at This free uncensored transgender chat platform is designed for transsexuals, crossdressers, transgender people and trans admirers. This is the best chat if you’re looking for hookups, cybersex or to share adult images. …

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eMail Masking is Here!

URNotAlone has taken a new step to keep your experience as a registered user here safe and fun. We no longer directly publish your eMail address to our pages, but instead provide a mail forwarding service.

Now, the only people that will have your eM…

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Help URNA by making a donation

For the most part, we bring in enough money to run urnotalone on a daily basis, but not every month. In the past, we have tried fundraising to help pay for updating the site with mixed success. I personally dislike being bombarded with fundraising requ…

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URNA Fundraiser

Hi there, from your “Team URNA” Staff!
Please, take 5 minutes of your time, read all of the following:
As most know, URNotAlone was purchased from the original owners earlier this year. There were several reasons that Jon wanted to sell the site afte…

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Photo Requirements

URNotAlone has strict but reasonable photo requirements compared to other sites on the Internet. For a Silver Level Profile you must meet these requirements. Bronze Level Profiles have a much more limited set of features that they can use on URNA. …

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Secondary Photo Changes

Due to changes that the Justice Department is making to USC Title 18, Section 2257, we are changing a number of our processes here at URNotAlone.

First and foremost is that we will now need to implement an approval process for Secondary Photos. We w…

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Remote Friends Lists

You are active on URNotAlone, but you have your own website too. A labor of love more often than not. You probably already link to URNA, but wouldn’t it be cool if people could see just how active you really are? Maybe if you could just list your URNot…

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New Membership Options!

We’ve had many requests from people who’d love to help support URNA but who really don’t have any interest in or desire to subscribe to our Adult Content. For those of you who fit into this category, we’ve just added a new, very inexpensive option that…

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