And Her Brain – Readings and Musical Fragments based on the written works of Leah B

Join Leah as she presents her home-spun booklet entitled “——- and Her Brain “. Generally, it describes her experience living as an ever-evolving transsexual young woman. Her years of suppression and anguish, leading to her inevitable coming out process, are all depicted through numerous free-verse poetry/prose pieces, rapid sketches, and disposable camera photography. The readings are rather emotionally charged and are accompanied by pre-recorded, barely audible, background music created in her basement in the late hours of the night. This booklet is the first installment of a multi-leveled project which will eventually produce a full length album that will hopefully be completed sometime during the summer. In addition to the spoken presentation, Leah will be discussing her initiative in starting a regional collective called Gender Edge. The purpose of the collective is to display to general society the strength, empowerment, and creativity brought forth by the younger, edgier transgender generations. It is basically an activism through art dynamic, a punk inspired movement for the transgender community.

Leah B. / Gender EDGE events

Keystone Conference, Harrisburg, PA Saturday March 13th @ 1:45 pm

Red Emma’s, 800 St, Paul St. Baltimore, MD Thursday March 25th @ 7pm — Free

Wooden Shoe Books/Records, 704 South St. Philadelphia, PA Thursday April 8th @ 7pm — Free

“— and Her Brain” booklets at no cost will be available at all of these venues. SHOW YOUR SUPPORT and find out about all the progressive ideas the GENDER EDGE movement will bring to society.