Anonymous Chat is Gone

People wanted a Member Only Chat room. We created one. People wanted a completely anonymous chat room, so we created that as well. The end result? Everyone crammed into the anonymous chat room. The Member Chat Room went largely un-used and the number of complaints we received about trolls and anonymous chatters went through the roof.

As a result, we’ve created a compromise. We are back to just one chat room. To enter, you either need an account in the URNA system or a subscription. A little of one or a little of the other. That’s not too much to ask is it?

After all, name another place where you can chat these days completely anonymously? AOL? Yahoo? Nope, everyone requires an account of some kind. It really does make sense.

Chat has been something we’ve never really figured out how to do right.

There will be some that will welcome the absence of anonymous trolls. Other people will complain because they are gone. Jon and I have just come to realize that we aren’t going to make everyone happy. We had to find the right balance between freedom for all, and accountability.

For those of you that never plan to create a profile or purchase a subscription, sorry, you’ll have to find someplace else to hang out.