Article Updates / eMail Responses

Just a note from Jon regarding Article Updates and eMail Responses.

I normally search for Articles relevant to the Transgendered Community and post them with links on URNA on a daily basis. I was traveling last week and will be traveling next week, and, as a result, the Article Updates are taking a back seat to other things.

In addition, I am not able to reply to any eMail that goes to me personally, rather than to the admin eMail address via our Support Form while I’m traveling during this period, so, it’s best to send any eMail that’s not of a personal nature via the Support Form, that way Dan can respond while I’m out of town. The Support Form is the way we prefer that you correspond with us when it’s not of a personal nature so that Dan and I both receive the eMail and either one of us can respond.

Once my travel is done, I’ll be adding Article Updates on a daily basis and replying to eMails that come to me personally in a timely fashion and things will be back to normal. My apologies to those who look forward to the Article Updates every day and to those that need a personal eMail response from me.

Oh… in case you’re wondering about the pic that accompanies the article… it’s me… circa 1972:P