Biggest TParty Ever!

Saturday June 16, 2007 saw our biggest URNA TParty Yet! Not only are we holding the TParty in a new venue (The Pyramid Club), but we are holding it on Saturday now instead of Sunday!

This TParty was something of a landmark for us. The new night allows people from further away to join us, and boy did they! We have members showing up from as far away as Pennsylvania and West Virginia! While we did have a lot of girls and boys in from Central Ohio, we had more from Toledo, Cincinnati, and more!

The evening started off pretty slow, but with every passing half hour, more and more people would arrive. Our last count was at 11:00 PM, with 45 people in attendance! That’s only counting the Transgender attendees. There were friends, family and significant others along as well!

We would like to thank everyone who helped make the June TParty our biggest ever and we are looking forward to growing them even more. Maybe we’ll get big enough to add one big event per year as well!

We’ve uploaded a gallery of photos, so click to View the Photos!