Born different – By Muna Al-Fuzai

They have chosen to be different. They were born with male or female bodies. They decided that they don’t want to keep on going in life as a man or a woman. They wanted to be the opposite. Are they sick? Or are they normal human beings with different emotions? We call them various names and we judge them by the way they look, talk and act. Today those people whom we call different are our subject for local spotlight.
What do we call them and to what extent they are welcomed in our lives? Would you allow your teenager kids to hang out with one of them or maybe spend the night at their house? I don’t mean sharing the same bed — so don’t get me wrong here! Is it creepy? Or is it okay?

We call them different names and all of them are not pleasant. Some of these are ‘boyagirl’ or ‘ladyboy’ and other, which I don’t want to mention here. We don’t care how they feel or want them to live among us. How many of us believe that these people were born with something really wrong in their bodies? Whoever pretends to be a woman while he has the body of a man is really a woman and needs help to get out. They probably need medical treatment and operations to give them relief. Maybe it’s the way they were brought up that planted these strong desires to be what they cannot have?
I know that in the West such people are widely accepted and live their lives as they wish. But here it is not the West and what may be appreciated and taken for granted there can be absolutely rejected here. Islamic societies in general deny and refuse any attempts to change gender but we heard about a few people who took the risk of many operations to change their sex.