Bye, Bye, Boobies – by Tricia Romano

Fundraising parties for trans surgery are all the rage, but don’t tell Kerry Downey that.

In the back room of Galapagos, a young, artsy crowd watched the queer-friendly, all-girl rock band Marla Hooch perform a raucous pop-punk set. Lights cast a pink blush on the space, and the crowd?a mix of tattooed-and-pierced dykes, fresh-faced collegiate straight boys, and fashionable girls in sexy dresses?danced to the band.

In the center of it all was Kerry Downey; it was her party, and well-wishers came up to the lanky woman to give her kisses and hugs. Dressed in a button-up shirt, bow tie, top hat, and slim-fitting pants, she was beaming, but not nearly as much as her breasts were, lit up by LED lights to call attention to them. Downey hoped, however, that this would be one of the last times in her life that her 34-Ds would be the focus of attention.