CD TG Houseboating on Lake Powell

Aug. 30 – Sep 3 2015 Lake Powell Getaway

Welcome to the first annual Lake Powell CD/TG houseboating cruise !!! Each boat will hold up to 10 people and affords us a bit more exclusivity than a traditional cruise. We’ll be soaking up the sun, swimming, hiking , reading, cooking, dancing, and enjoying each others company!

If an opportunity to be en femme for 4 days on beautiful Lake Powell among your peers sounds awesome to you, then sign up and join us!!!

The Plan

We will be staying at the Lake Powell Resort Wahweap on the night before. This would be convenient and eliminate the 5 hour drive from Las Vegas or Phoenix the morning of boarding the houseboat. Cost of the rooms are currently 240-280 per night. Hopefully we can pair up people in the rooms to split the cost of the 1 night stay……currently they have rooms with a king or 2 queens available. This is a tentative plan depending on how many people want rooms and how many will be driving out on the morning of Aug. 30. We are planning to have dinner together at the Lake Powell Resort Wahweap on the night of Aug. 29. This will be a fun way to meet each other before actually boarding the next morning.
If you can’t make it for the dinner, you are welcome to meet us at the dock at Lake Powell Resort Wahweap. We plan to depart at 10 am. Aug. 30. Please be on time as late arrivals will be a severe inconvenience to your fellow boatmates!

When we have the boat booked up we will figure out a reasonable way to purchase food and split that cost. I ( Toria )……your effeminate Captain….will be driving out to the Az. / Utah area the week before so I could possibly get all the food needed beforehand too.

Beverages…..I ( Toria ) could also pick up all beverages prior to the cruise if needed to. I would just need to get orders from everyone beforehand. This is tentative also and I realize that some may want to purchase everything on thier own.

Page, AZ