Changes are Coming – URNA is getting out of the Adult Content Business

Everyone should read this Article, especially people that have Subscriptions to ModelTS Full Access as changes will begin starting in January of 2007 and ModelTS will be phased out altogether at the end of 2007 or sometime shortly after.

After much deliberation we are beginning to position ourselves to exit the Adult end of the business, ModelTS, altogether. This decision has been made for a variety of reasons and has been a long time in the making. The reasons why we are exiting the Adult end of the business, ModelTS, are many and we’ll now list some of them:

– URNA is reaching a point where it can almost carry it’s own weight and where we will be able to safely exit the Adult Business by the end of 2007 and still be able to fund URNA and keep growing it.

– Adult Content has always been a Means to an End for us, not an End in and of itself. We’ve always used the money coming in from our ModelTS Full Access Subscribers to fund the high costs of running URNA. We’ve always felt that having the Adult Content Section of URNA detracted from our Primary Goal, which is, to provide a Community for Transgendered People, their Friends and their Family.

– The Adult Content takes up a ton of my time. I arrange and do the Photoshoots myself, I Edit the Images, I Capture and Edit the Videos, I upload the Content and Write the Articles announcing the Updates. I would much rather devote this time to the Community Aspects of URNA.

– Vicky has modeled for the ModelTS Section of URNA since December of 1999 and is really at the point, actually has been at the point for quite sometime, where she’d really like to retire from Adult Modeling.

– I’ve personally lost interest in the Adult Content part of the site. The 1st year I was like a kid in a candy factory, Photographing all these Gorgeous Girls in various states of dress and undress, but, believe it or not, over time it gets to be pretty boring and it is a lot of very hard work.

– We believe that more people will be willing to Advertise with URNA once we exit the Adult end of the business and hope it will enable us to bring in more money from Advertisers.

– Changes to 18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements already made us eliminate the User Provided Adult Galleries and this is just the next step we feel we need to take to get URNA to where we want it to be.

So, what does this all mean and what kind of timeframes are we talking about?

– Vicky’s last Photoshoot will go up on December 15, 2006.

– Our last Installment of our Two Girl Shoots will go up on December 8, 2006.

– Throughout 2007 we will continue to update the Featured Model Section of ModelTS. There will be no new Featured Models, but, a little known secret is that we’ve held back and never put online many sets of existing Featured Models. This means we have enough New, never before seen Material of Existing Models, to put up a New Set of Pictures and Video Clips 2 to 4 times per month throughout 2007 and that is what we will be doing. We’ll shoot for weekly updates, but if things get busy or if we’re on vacation there will be some months where we’ll update every other week. Come the end of 2007, possibly a little beyond if the new content lasts that long, we’ll be closing down the Adult Content section of the site, ModelTS, permanently and there will be no more Adult Content on URNA.

Should you cancel your ModelTS Full Access Subscription if you have one?

Only you can make that decision. As I mentioned above, beginning in January, 2007 we will continue to update the site between 2 to 4 times per month, with previously Unseen Sets of Existing Models. There will be no New sets of Vicky and no New Two Girl Sets. If you currently have a ModelTS Full Access Pass we hope you’ll continue it throughout 2007. As I mentioned, we will continue to do multiple updates each month with New Pictures and Video Clips and it really will help us keep going while we grow the URNA Plus side of the site.