Changes Underway (What’s Happening)

You may not even be aware of the Justice Departments codes regarding the production and distribution of Adult Content, but it can affect you, even here. You see, the Federal Government recently made this code stricter. This code, “18 U.S.C. 2257” outlines in detail the types of records that a producer of adult content must keep on their models, how those records must be kept, etc. More importantly to you, it also affects how YOUR content is kept.

The new law outlines a requirement for Secondary Producers to maintain individual identification records for all adult content they host. That means that if you keep adult photos on sites like URNotAlone, then we are responsible for maintaining a record of your identity. Obviously this is not acceptable to you, or to us.

Effective immediately, the staff at will be removing member provided adult content. Many of you have noticed this already underway with Secondary Profile Photos. In the next few weeks, we will begin to implement this sweeping change to our Galleries as well.

What Does This Mean?

Short term, it simply means that if you have submitted adult content to URNA, it will be removed from our system. We will no longer be accepting submissions of adult content either. Federal code is very strict about this, and every violation carries with it a felony conviction and the possibility of 5 to 10 years in federal prison. Obviously, we have to take this seriously.

What Will Change?

Just like your primary profile photo and now, secondary profile photos, gallery submissions will be subject to review. We understand that this change will affect many people, and we want to make the transition as smooth and seamless as possible.

If you currently have non adult photos in adult galleries, we will be turning those galleries into public galleries. Adult photos will be removed. We are going to continue to share adult galleries with our members but they will only feature content that we have created.

When Is This Happening Again?

Soon, next week, tomorrow, now. Heck its already happening. We’ve been hard at work and many of you have already commented on the changes. We will try to keep everyone as up to date as possible.

For many, this won’t change anything at all. For others, you will be losing access to content. Rest assured. We will attempt to compensate anyone who feels left behind, and we will endeavor to bring you the best service possible.

Mind you, many companies, both large and small are throwing in the towel, rather than attempt to conform to these new laws. As always, we want to continue to be the home of the Transgendered Community on the Internet. We have our fingers crossed. Wish us luck.


Because of the changes, we realize that not everyone who purchased a content subscription for our member adult content will be satisfied. Here are the basic rules:

Enhanced Memberships are going away. The logon will remain but we will no longer be selling that option. If didn’t provide adult content so no refund is necessary.

URNA Adult has now become URNA Plus. This option still allows for everything that it once did with the exception of viewing member adult content. Viewing secondary photos, unlimited hot lists, unlimited friend lists, full size directory images and we have even more planned. If you purchased a URNA Adult Membership on or after June 20th, we will refund a single charge and cancel your subscription.

As for ModelTs content, we provided member adult content as a bonus. A fee was not included in that price. We will not refund subscriptions for ModelTs because we no longer give you Member Adult Content. ModelTs content remains some of the best on the internet, and if used in conjunction with a member profile, you still get all of the same enhanced features. Just no member content.

In Jon’s Words

Because of the changes to the record keeping required by Section 2257 of Title 18, United States Code, we will no longer be allowing Members to post Adult Content. The Adult Content on this site will only be made up of content that we’ve shot ourselves and for which we have the records and Legal Documentation required by Section 2257 of Title 18, United States Code. New requirements within Section 2257 of Title 18, United States Code, classify us as Secondary Producers if we allow our Members to provide their own Adult Content and as Secondary Producers we would be required to have Government Issued Photo ID’s for all Members who Post their own Adult Content. Since we don’t believe that most of our Members would be willing to submit this documentation, we will not be allowing it until, and unless, the clauses pertaining to Secondary Producers are declared Null and Void or until we can come up with some way to allow the content and still comply with the new clauses of Section 2257 of Title 18, United States Code. We’re very sorry we have to make these changes, but, we’re really left with no alternative at the present time.