Cinema Sideshow: Pink Flamingos – Posted by J. Tithonus Pednaud

Ladies and gentlemen, presented for your twisted pleasure – the Cinema Sideshow. This week…Pink Flamingos.

For me the name John Waters, until very recently, evoked thoughts of campy movies like Serial Mom, Cry Baby and Hairspray. Waters was responsible for giving rotund Riki Lake and acting career and, until just this weekend, I considered that to be his greatest crime against the entertainment community. However, just a scant 48 hours ago, I finally watched Pink Flamingos and I believe my life has now changed.

Pink Flamingos was Waters’ seventh film. It was his first big hit and it not only earned him a ton of midnight screenings, but also the sort of notoriety money can’t buy. It basically made his career. But to create Pink Flamingos Waters, unashamed and salivating, plunged into the depths of bad taste and wallowed there for 93 minutes of cinematic crapulence.

Speaking of crap?