Construction Underway!

Now that URNA has moved to a new server, you are going to start seeing a lot of little changes everyday. The biggest change coming is that we are merging URNA with ModelTS!

You may have noticed that there is now a “ModelTS” option in the People section and we are starting to list our models there. You will also notice an unused section called “Guests”. We will soon feature a new girl from the Internet, once a month, in what we expect to be a very popular section.

All this, and we are STILL adding more great features to the site. Our Event Calendar will appear soon, and performers and entertainers will be able to post their events online. These events will appear on their profile, on the main calendar, and of course, if they are associatiated with a Place in our database, on the Listing as well!

Our Online section will also be returning soon, as well as some more great features for our Registered Members with active profiles.

So stay tuned, and check back often. Oh, and pardon our dust.