Cross-Dressing: Illegal in Oakland Since 1879 – Tehea Robie

Attention divas, daggers, dykes, sissies and studs: sashay shante, y’all. According to Oakland’s Code of Ordinances, your style is illegal.

Immoral Dress Code 9.08.080 has been in place since 1879: “It is unlawful for any person in the city to appear in any public place nude or in the attire of a person of the opposite sex, or in any indecent or lewd attire.”

Those who want to support an amendment to remove the prohibition of cross dressing from the Immoral Dress law can attend the Public Safety Committee meeting on April 27 at Oakland City Hall, 5:30pm. Contact Ada Chan (of City Council Member Rebecca Kaplan’s office) at 510-238-7083, or