Cycad thief in a thong caught in a drag net – Dianne Hawker

The intruder was wearing a red dress and makeup, so neighbours in Petula Close assumed that it was a woman who was stealing rare cycads from a Kraaifontein garden.

But after a chase during which the suspect’s padded bra fell apart, security guards found it was a man – whose get-up was complete with a wig and a thong.

The saga of the cross-dressing garden raider will have a sequel in court this week when a 28-year-old man is due to appear in the Kuils River Magistrate’s Court.

The Protea Heights man alleg-edly tried to make off with cycads from the garden during the night.

His stuffed bra came undone when one of the residents tried to stop him.

The suspect was eventually arrested shortly before 2am on September 15.