Day of Empowerment: Transgender community honors its past and present – Rick Braatz, Staff Reporter

The transgender community, including friends and family, turned out to honor its past and present at the sixth annual Transgender Day of Empowerment at the San Diego LGBT Community Center, last Friday.

“Your presence here says today loudly and clearly that we love our transgender community, that we are united. So that when we see efforts in Washington, D.C., to give rights to only a portion of our community, but not to all of it, then all of you are with me in saying ‘no way.’ And any time we try to marginalize or get ahead of one another because it’s easier or somehow works out, that we will say ‘no,’ because we know that full equality will not happen unless the T, the G, the L and the B are united as one,” said City Councilmember Todd Gloria, in front of approximately 150 people in attendance.