Dear Abby : Transvestites wife can relax – By Jeanne Phillips

DEAR ABBY: Please tell me if I’m going crazy. My husband of 30 years recently admitted that he enjoys wearing my undergarments! At first I was shocked, but now I am over it. We went shopping together and bought him several pairs of panties. He was in seventh heaven. Our sex life has never been better, and we really are enjoying each other ? but still I wonder. ? Mixed-Up in Florida

DEAR MIXED-UP: You are not the first wife who has helped her husband cross-dress. He is a transvestite ? someone who enjoys wearing clothing that is traditionally worn by the opposite sex. Because your sex life has “never been better” and you are “really enjoying each other,” my advice is to stop “wondering” and appreciate that after 30 years of marriage, your husband finally trusted you enough to show you who he really is.