Disappointed friends claim Transsexual woman ‘just as boring as when she was a bloke’

NewsBiscuit.com – Neal Doran

Friends of Paul Wooton, a transgender man who unexpectedly returned to the UK after completing sex realignment surgery in Hungary, were disappointed to report that despite the life-changing transformation, ‘deep down she’s the same boring old sod she was when she was as a fellah’.

‘She’s made this profound decision’ remarked Jim Taylor an old school acquaintance, ‘opened herself up to becoming the subject of constant and uninvited scientific, moral, and legal debate, risked ostracism from her family, had her birth genitalia removed and re-shaped as part of a treatment involving major surgery and a lifetime commitment to painful hormone injections. And yet when it comes to a new name her imagination stopped at changing Paul to Paula. Just what you’d expect of a boring bastard like Wooton to be honest.’