Drag queen attacked in possible hate crime

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Four men beat a noted East Village performer

New York- WABC – In what police say is a possible hate crime, a celebrated drag queen in Manhattan’s East Village has been beaten by four men who were allegedly yelling anti-gay slurs as they threatened to kill him and broke his jaw.

Our Jeff Pegues is at the 13th police precinct with the latest.

It’s been a very busy night here for the NYPD’s anti-hate crimes task force. Already, I’m told, they’ve made three arrests in the attack on well-known performer Kevin Aviance. Police say he was targeted by a small group of teenagers.

Kevin Aviance is in Beth Israel Hospital, the victim of a brutal beating and a possible bias crime.

Kevin Aviance: “It’s a hate crime.”

In a phone interview, he talked about the attack that has him confined to a hospital bed.

Aviance: “I fell to the ground, covering my head.”

The attack occurred at about 1:30 a.m. Saturday. He’d just left a popular gay bar in the East Village, heading to hail a taxi. Along the way, police say he got into a verbal dispute with a man who, along with three others, pursued and assaulted him at the corner of 14th Street and First Avenue.