Drag wrestling myths debunked


Leave it up to local queer artists Andrew Harwood and Scott McEwan to team up for a project where you can expect some wild and crazy things. Their new series of works, titled Max Attitude vs. Skinny Divine, combines photography with performances that play on gender stereotypes in the world of wrestling and lady drag.

?Drag and wrestling are institutions that belong together,? says Harwood. ?This is the reason that Scott and I made this exhibition. It?s all about selling it, either pretending to be a girl or fighting. So we?re selling it, either way. And the art too.?

?This show is about two queer men who dress up as a way to project identity transformation, but also self-realization,? says McEwan.

Harwood, never too shy to express his feminine side, will play up his drag queen role in a knee-high skirt and lavish pink hair while, McEwan, a wrestler, will be demonstrating some neck twisting moves.

The wrestling mayhem takes place tonight at 8 p.m. at the Paul Petro Multiples gallery, 962 Queen St. W. Call 416-979-7874 for more information.