Dressing Caitlyn Jenner

(Editor: Pam – This is a glimpse into the back story on what will be an iconic cover for good or bad. Personally, I would have never picked a corset for all the negative connotations, but she looks good. In many ways I like this pix better.)

vanityfair.com – Julie Miller June 1 2015

Dressing Caitlyn Jenner: V.F.’s Jessica Diehl on Secret Shopping Runs and Classic Silhouettes

After six and a half decades in hiding as Bruce Jenner—the Olympic champion and model of all-American masculinity—Caitlyn Jenner introduced herself to the world Monday, on the July cover of Vanity Fair. In sumptuous photographs by Annie Leibovitz, Caitlyn reveals herself as an elegant beauty, comfortable in classic silhouettes, pin-up poses, and old-Hollywood aesthetics.

And just who helped Caitlyn decide upon her introductory look? Vanity Fair’s veteran Fashion & Style Director Jessica Diehl, who has styled countless covers for the magazine, ensuring that each subject looks and feels his or her best. In celebration of Caitlyn’s grand unveiling today, VF Hollywood connected with Diehl to hear how she and Jenner collaborated on Caitlyn’s very public coming out, the James Bond–esque precautions taken on this top-secret shoot, and what screen sirens helped inspire Caitlyn’s glossy first impression.