Estrada Scores Double Standing Ovation at International Transgender Conference

‘First gay Latin star’ performs solo show ‘TransWorld!” in Philadelphia

Philadelphia, PA (OpenPress) – Transgender activists from around the globe stood up to applaud actor/singer Jade Esteban Estrada (2005 Performance Artist of the Year) at the 21st Annual International Foundation for Gender Education Conference: “Transgender 2007,” Friday, April 13, 2007 after a performance of his solo musical “TransWorld! The Transgender History of the World” at the Philadelphia Hilton Hotel in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

In the performance, the actor/writer explored the lives of Joan of Arc, We Wah, Gertrude Stein, Sylvia Rivera, Christine Jorgensen, Brandon Teena and singer RuPaul. The show was originally commissioned by the Office of Gender Studies at the University of California at Berkeley.