Fake Profiles, Ratings and Stupid People

Three times in the last seven days, we’ve had to deal with people posting fake profiles. It seems that some people just can’t be honest. Instead of sticking to our one profile rule, some people have to lie. In most cases, these are just to increase their own ratings.

In one case, we saw in influx of fake profiles for “Couples” All who seemed to be in Memphis Tennessee. Highly unlikely unless a swingers club decided all at once to experiment with TGirls. In another case, a member who has consistently led the ratings turned out to be voting themselves up so that they appeared and stayed on the leader board.

Managing this site is a huge task, and its done by two people. When we have to spend the better part of three days dealing with lying cheats, we tend to get testy.

So here is the deal. If you have fake profiles on URNotAlone, this is your one and only chance to have them deleted. We will be paying close attention to profiles and ratings and Dan is even writing new tools, just to help ferret them out.

If we catch you cheating, that’s it. You will not be welcome here anymore.