First Event 2009 – January 14th to 18th

While Vicky, Dan and I normally attend Tiffany Club of New England’s (TCNE) First Event each year, this year, for a variety of reasons, we will not be able to attend, however, we highly recommend First Event to anyone that is able to attend. It is an awesome event and if there were any way we could be there, rest assured, we would.

We had a suggestion from one of our Members / Chat Monitors, Cranberry Kris, that any URNA Members who are attending, might want to wear an URNA name tag as a way of readily identifying themselves to fellow URNA Members. To that end, we’ve attatched an image that can be printed out, with space for you to write in your name so that other URNA Members will be able to spot you and connect with you. Just click on the image below to bring it up full size and then use the Print feature of your browser…

Description of First Event from their Website…

First Event is one of the largest transgender conferences in the world right here in Boston! First Event welcomes everyone from the Transgender Community and our Supporters: Crossdressers, transsexuals, intersex individuals, M2Fs, F2Ms, and their significant others are all welcome. All told over 600+ attendees!

First Event features over 65 workshops covering all aspects of being Transgender with local and national speakers from universities, fashion, medicine, activists, makeup, hair removal, skin care, counseling and more; outstanding evening entertainment; fun activities; opportunity to visit transgender friendly Boston, Cambridge or historic Salem; the TCNE Shopping Mall; and the chance to enjoy being yourself while connecting with others for an entire unpressured week!

It’s everything they say it is and more!

Visit the First Event Website