Former prostitutes struggle to run for Parliament – Duygu Guvenc

They are rejecting my application to stand for the election just because they do not want shame for the Turkish Republic, said Ayşe T?kr?k??, 40, a former prostitute whose dream is to enter Parliament to voice the hopes of what she calls sex slaves.

The general elections of July 22 are not only attracting some professional politicians or mid-career professionals who seek a career in politics, but also a group of people like prostitutes and transsexuals, whose life is a continuous struggle.

The Supreme Election Board (YSK) on Sunday rejected the application of Ayşe T?kr?k?? because of her criminal record. But, the board accepted the application of another prostitute, Saliha Ermez. Both women have been officially registered as prostitutes but T?kr?k??’s criminal record prevented her to stand for the election.