Gender identity disorder cases on rise in Bihar – Binod Dubey

Cases of gender identity disorder (GID) are on the increase in Bihar, reveal top andrologists of the country Dr Suresh Kotwal and Dr Vijay Kulkari.

“We have been receiving queries from quite a significant number of people from this State expressing their desire to change their sex,” the andrologists said. They are in Patna in connection with the urology conference.

Explaining the term GID, Dr Kotwal, who is attached with the Sitaram Bhartiya Institute, New Delhi, said that persons with this kind of disorder are called transsexuals, whose sexual identification is entirely with the opposite sex.

Body wise they are normal but mentally they feel that they have been trapped in a wrong body and want to change their sex for leading a comfortable life.

“Two persons from Patna, one male and another female, have already approached me for the gender reassignment surgery (GRS), and they are under investigations,” said Kotwal, who has up till now successfully performed four surgeries of gender reassignment (three from male to female and one from female to male).