Gillis, a.k.a. Lulu LaRude, dies in Halifax – By Chris Lambie and Greg Guy – Staff Reporters

One of Halifax?s most famous drag queens, who enjoyed far more than his five minutes of fame, has given his last show.

Lulu LaRude, a.k.a. Charles McDuff Gillis, died Thursday of a brain tumour in Halifax.

The 43-year-old?s parents and partner were by his side at the time.

In a Jan. 30 posting on his Lulu LaRude website Gillis, wrote he had recently been informed that his cancer was getting worse and he had about two months to live.

“I do know that in the meantime I am fortunate to find and fill some wonderful times with my friends and one and only true family, my mom and dad and of course my beloved bro and sisters,” Gillis said in his final web posting on

“They have never failed me and are there for me every minute. Just looking at them and seeing all my friends . . . gives me amazing belief that everything is going to be a miracle and I will live a lot longer.”

Gillis also had kind words for his partner, Billy, who shares his surname.