Gulf women and competing economies

Periodically, URNA will post articles that highlight the struggles and successes of women from around the world. These articles will carry the original logo “Sister Peace Love”. This logo was co-developed by myself and several on line sisters. The foreground is 7 yellow roses with “sister peace love” in 7 languages in the background. It is our belief that 7 people dedicated to a common cause can make real change.

The catalyst for developing this logo was the plight of women in many countries, a desire to highlight their struggles and our sisterhood with them. – DR. AMAL MOHAMMED AL-MALKI Tuesday, 17 March 2015

‘Arab Women’ are the subject of Western and Eastern curiosity and, often, fascination. However, most attempts to investigate ‘Arab Women’ reduce them to one entity, ignoring their multitude of experience. The fact is Arab women are very different from each other.
Just like everyone else, their realities are shaped by different personal, social, economic, religious and political factors. Arab women are the products of their diverse societies. Yet, the impact of differences on women’s lives are rarely captured or studied, much less understood.

Among the least understood forces shaping Arab women’s reality are economic ones. There are radical differences between the economic forces affecting Arab women in different countries. These are rarely acknowledged. Women belonging to prosperous countries, like most of the Gulf States, live far a different reality than those women who live in economically challenged countries in the Arab world.