Halloween with URNotAlone at Trixies Showbar on Saturday the 31st!

Halloween is right around the corner and Dan and his new wife, Erin, will be visiting Vicky and I in Hollywood, FL for Halloween weekend and we plan on being at Trixies (Trixies Page at MySpace) late Saturday evening, October 31st to celebrate Halloween. We’ll be starting our celebration in Wilton Manors where we’ll be meeting up with a bunch of our friends and then heading down to Trixies to end the night. We’d love to see you all show up and it’s an opportunity to meet Dan and Erin who are both normally in Columbus, OH. Halloween is a great time to come out, especially for those who are normally nervous about getting out and about so don’t be shy, you’ll have an awesome time celebrating Halloween at Trixies with Dan, Erin, Vicky, Myself and your fellow URNA Members.

URNA is happy to organize URNA Get Togethers at Trixies Showbar in Hollywood, FL on Saturday evenings! Our first get together was on Saturday, October 3rd and we had a great turnout. If you’re local, or visiting the area, don’t be shy, come out and say Hi, meet some people and have some fun!

I’ve created a Gallery and added some pics that were sent to me at 200910 – URNA at Trixies. Some of the pics were taken at our place before heading over to Trixies and after returning from Trixies. Quite a few people were taking pics, so, if you have some we’d love to see them and add them to the gallery… just send them to us:)

While supplies last, the 1st 24 people to show up on Saturdays, will receive URNA/Trixies TShirts and the Cover Charge will be waived! (Girls always enter for free, however, there is a Nominal Cover Charge for guys on weekends). To qualify make sure to print out and bring the coupon that’s attatched below and to arrive at Trixies before 10pm on Saturdays.


I’d also like to mention that everyone’s favorite URNA Diva and one of the Girls who performs at Trixies, Diamond Dunhill is there on Saturdays and is looking forward to meeting her fellow URNA Profile Holders!

We’re hoping to get out as many of our Southern Florida members as we can and think it will be a great place for us to meet, face to face, in a place that is welcoming and the only 7 day a week Trans Bar in all of Southern Florida. You don’t have to look at a calendar to see if it’s Gay Night or Trans Night or Straight Night, it’s always Trans Night at Trixies Showbar.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Trixies, it’s in Hollywood, FL, about 15 minutes south of Fort Lauderdale and 30 minutes north of Miami, a great central location right on the South Dixie Highway.

Trixies new owner, Sean, is also planning on starting up TParty’s from around 5pm – 9pm on Sundays as another venue for people to meet and just hangout in a comfortable environment. He’s also open to making Trixies available for Fund Raising Events and other Events for the Trans Community.

Have a look at Trixies Page at MySpace. At some point they’ll have their own site hosted on their own domain and we’ll post that information when it’s available.

We can’t stress this next part enough… Trixie’s is the ONLY 7 day a week Trans Bar in all of Southern Florida and one of the few left anywhere in the US that caters to the Trans Community full time, not just a night or 2 a week. It caters to CD/TV/TS’s their Friends, their Families and Admirer’s not to Bachelorette Parties! Anyone in the Southern Florida Area or anyone Visiting should make sure to stop into Trixie’s.

It also needs to be noted that there is no financial relationship between URNA and Trixies so we’re not pushing this bar for our financial gain, we’re doing it because there are few bars left like Trixies and we should all show our support, frequent it and ensure that it flourishes for years to come. The new owner, Sean, is a friend of the Trans Community.