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This is Evolution

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1. The Harsh Apocalypse Evolution seems to continue under its own momentum. V. Mercy and Mad Kat will be Joining Harsh Reality tomorrow Thursday Feb 8th for a special show at the Triple Rock in Minneapolis Look for a couple Apocalypse Theater (APOX) songs to make their way into the set as well as some special versions of Harsh Reality songs with V. Mercy on vocals. Two days later the Evolution continues as Tempest will be joining Apocalypse Theater on stage at first ave on Feb 10th for a very special Fetish show… headlined by none other than Venus DeMars (And leader of the now defunct All The Pretty Horses) with her new band House Of Flowers… keep your eyes open you never know who might pop up on stage. Then again APOX and HR take to the road for the Chicago Fetish Ball on March 2nd (APOX only on this date but as you know you never know exactly what APOX will be from night to night…never the same show twice) and a special show in Manitawok Wi on the 3rd with both bands playing full sets. This is Evolution baby, we all get to control the state that we are in.

2. Feb 24th Harsh Reality will be headlining a special FREE show at Memory Lanes (infamous for their underground punk culture) in a very special Benefit for the Arts. Add in Jehovah’s Shitlist, The Menstrual Tramps and The Lipsplitters for a one of a kind lineup that night. The show is FREE but bring a buck or two as it is a fund raiser and we would like to see everyone contribute a little if they can. Every bit helps! Special Thanks to Little Heather for helping get the ball rolling to put everybody in touch to make the show happen.

3. Live Album. Yes you have been hearing about it for a while now and its on its way! there were a few changes that have pushed back the release date but it will be out soon, Keep watching as once it gets sent off for printing we will be accepting pre-orders.

4. Tour 2007, Jade Starr, Apocalypse Theater. East Cost, West Coast, UK and possibly other trips overseas abound. We are looking to find out who wants us and where and have signed up with EVENTFUL to allow you to DEMAND we play your city. Please visit our gig listing at http://www.harshreality.us/gigs.htm or our MySpace Page and click on the DEMAND IT section. We are also looking into a number of PRIDE and Fetish events to do this year so if you are hosting one or know someone who is send them our way. We have been approached with several offers for booking and management/signing but so far it just hasn’t been what we are looking for. Harsh Reality will remain on the independent / underground side of things until we find someone who is believes in us enough to get down in the trenches and fight for us on a national level as hard as we do ourselves, who knows maybe that’s you or perhaps you want to help out in your local region, once again just ask we are known for being easy J.

5. Harsh Reality has just inked a deal with CD baby to sell our CD online and have it made available in over 2400 stores nationwide. Check with your local record shop or visit CDBaby to buy direct.

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