He’s back! Have You Seen This Man?

Our spamming fool is back. Last time he threatened us with the FBI for identity theft because we used his photo without permission. Sort of like he is using our eMail system to spam our members, AGAIN. Oh well, the stupid ones never seem to learn. This time, you can have his eMail address too, so that you can tell him what you really think seanmcnaughton@videotron.ca and occasionally shawnmcnaughton@videotron.ca.

Odds are, you have seen his ever so original CUT & PASTE eMail. Sadly, you may have seen it more than once. We highly suggest you rate him NOT. To be completely honest, we don’t even think it’s actually his photo. If it is, then he didn’t just get shorted in the intelligence department.

Oh why oh why won’t the stupid ones learn? We deal with fake profiles several times a week, we deal with thousands of pieces of spam every day, but we are determined that YOU won’t have to.

Any way, we are sorry he snuck in again. This time, he only got off 7 eMails. We think you should mock and taunt him till he cries.


I’m a 32 (weren’t you 24 last time?) yr old male, 6’1, 185lbs, blue eyes, clean cut light brown
hair, single, I’m looking for a TS-DQ-CD-TG for fun and for LTR. (and hurry because he’s sending out so many messages, someone might actually respond) If you are interested please email me with a PIC of yourself and more about yourself please.

Here’s my pic, click on my link to see my pic.
<< Remember, rate him NOT

chat soon


P.S. If you aren’t interested in something good with me, could I ask
you to give me a good vote. << Hmm, I wonder what his REAL agenda is?


Have You See This Man?

Odds are, you probably have. You see, he’s been spamming our members with desperate pleas to Rate him at “Hot or Not?”.

Ordinarily, we monitor traffic pretty thoroughly but he has managed to slip beneath our radar. On November 5th though, he made the mistake of sending several HUNDRED emails to our members, getting him the dubious honor of being banned from sending mail on our site.

Sleaze like this is precisely why we mask your eMail and monitor the amount of traffic sent to our members.

Let us not allow his deed to go unrewarded. I suggest that if you have the time, pop over to his Hot or Not? profile and rate him accordingly, with a big fat NOT.

We apologize for letting this cretin slip through. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.