How To Wear Leggings In Public & Actually Look Amazing by Alyssa Coscarelli May 19 2016

No one pulls off leggings as pants quite like Leandra Medine — just see here, here, and here for proof. The best thing about these outfits? She makes it clear that she has no intention of actually going to the gym. So today, we’re looking at Medine’s weekend #OOTDs as an invitation to try the look for ourselves.

Judging by her tongue-in-cheek mirror selfies, all it takes to pull off leggings in public is a dose of confidence, a good amount of smart layering and accessories, and a DGAF attitude. Her leggings-as-pants skills have got our gears turning for other ways to swap our usual denim bottoms for stretchy, skin-tight cotton. To make it work, don’t be afraid to play with sheer details, unexpected shoe choices, and statement-making outerwear — and whatever you decide on wearing with yours, own it. Leggings have passed as pants for years now.