I am a liar

I am a liar.

We all are at times. There are many studies, that given a choice with no immediate consequences, we all lie to promote or enhance our position. But, tiny lies.

And then, there are the bigger ones. The part of us we keep hidden from family, friends,….

Caitlyn Jenner, very big news. We so wish her the best. Her story rings true. Strip away the hype…no one does transition for attention.

You can try to live two lives. I have. But,. the better path, is integration. How to be a singular person? No easy answer.

A good step is being honest with family and friends. But this is the litmus step. If not willing to do this… but you are not alone….

Take heart though.
I am a big believer in “pay it forward”.

So, take the time in word and deed to help the next transgender generation, to be ….