I Am Cait Needs To Address These Issues

refinery29.com -Hannah Simpson Jul 24 2015

If the Vanity Fair cover was her christening and the ESPYs her coronation, then I Am Cait will show us what to make of Queen Caitlyn, who now reigns upon Trans-Camelot. As we await Sunday night’s series premiere on E!, here are five things the world — and the transgender community in particular — is longing to see:

1. Life After The Royal Treatment.

Caitlyn has been out in full force, and frankly, she’s fabulous. Gowns and corsets are valid elements of the femme identity she expresses, but show us how she lives day-to-day once her carriage reverts to a pumpkin. This is a tall order for someone who is 6’2” and stalked by paparazzi, let alone your own camera crew, but nobody can be “on” all the time. Too many folks honestly believe trans women go back to being guys once the heels come off. She has nothing to prove to anyone, yet could prove them wrong anyway.

2. “It’s good to be the King.”

Mel Brooks said it best. Nobody denies the humble origins of the dyslexic kid from working-class Westchester, but what followed were the Games, endorsements, telecasts, and her very public evolution in gender. Our queen of common birth now reigns from a secluded Malibu mountaintop — one she has ascended through a life of hard work, but it shapes the options available to her. Rather than reinforce the critique that affluence affords her medical procedures, fine clothing, and handlers, she could show that being trans affects people of all walks, regardless of income potential, and that wealth cannot protect you from the anguish it causes. Notoriety only locked her in further.