I read the small article by christiboy

I read the small article by christiboy with a growing sense of anger and disappointment. This is simply more of the old silly male macho arrogant bullshit that all gay and transgendered people have to suffer all over the world; that the author claims to be gay makes this all the more idiotic. While it is possibly true that many male admirers of transgendered girls might be gay, it is not true of trangendered people that “unless they are post-op, they are male”. If the idea that we might be transgendered at all has any meaning it must be true that the simple fact of having a penis and testicles does not mean that you are male. There is more to gender and identifying gender than simple asking if you have a penis. To suggest that a person changes gender when they lose their penis is silly; people have GRS because they ARE FEMALE; the GRS corrects a problem with there physical characteristics that is at variance with their real gender. For me the interesting question here is nor about TG people but why do a small minority gay men like christboy dress as women when they wish to be loved AS men BY men. It seems to me that christiboy is the one who is confused; perhaps his gender is less certain than he feels it might be. There is nothing wrong with being gender confused. Christi, don’t you know that gender and sex and sexual characteristics and sexuality are all about who we are; there are no rules, no definitions. This is all to much about people finding expression for themselves, finding love, finding hope. It is about living free of the shackles of pre conceived narrow-minded bigotry, and other less enlightened peoples narrow wish to define us all according to their own prejudice. I am a woman; everything about me is female; I have a penis and testicles and breasts and an anus, a brain and heart and feelings. I use all of these things when I make love to men and women. I am certain about my gender; my sexuality will always be BI – with or without my penis.

Karen Cameron