IMPORTANT: Failing Disk Replaced: Missing Profiles, Profile Updates, Comments, Journal Postings!

Failing Disk Replaced!

We had to replace a Hard Disk last night (2/8/11). This required moving our Database Files from an older failing Disk to a new Disk. To make a long story short, when we swapped out the disk we moved Database Files from a backup directory, instead of the live ones and the Database Files that were moved were a week old from 2/4/11. After figuring out what happened, we’ve replaced the week old Database Files with one’s from around 9pm last night (2/8/11).

What does this mean?

It means that we lost just under a days worth of Data. Translated into English, it means that anyone who created a Profile between 2/8/11 @ <> 9pm and 2/9/11 @ <> 3pm, Eastern Time, will have to recreate it from scratch. Also, if you made changes to your Profile during this timeframe you’ll have to re-enter your changes.

In addition, any Comments or Journal Entries that were posted during this time period are lost and you’ll have to Re-Post them.

It also means that if you requested that your Profile be Deleted during this time period and we Deleted it, it may have been restored when we recovered the Database and you’ll have to request it be Deleted again.

We apologize for anyone that this has affected and realize it’s a real PITA.

On a related note

URNA is a pretty large site with lots of activity. It runs spread across 3 Machines…

Machine 1: Web/Chat Server and Assorted Processes
Machine 2: Dedicated as a Database Server
Machine 3: This is a Statistics Server for crunching our Stats.

We will be replacing all 3 of these Machines with New Machines that have Faster CPU’s, More Memory and Faster Disks. This will occur sometime in the next week or 2 or 3. In addition to backing up our Data, as we do now, the Drives on the New Machines will be setup with Raid 1 to avoid problems like this in the future.