Is Gigi Gorgeous America’s Next Top Model? By SHEILA MARIKAR APRIL 13, 2016

On a Tuesday night not long ago, the YouTube star known as Gigi Gorgeous walked into the Nice Guy, the type of restaurant that prides itself on being frequented by Justin Bieber and the Kardashian family.

After a brief conversation by the bar with her publicist and a male companion — a guy named Nick who wore a white Chanel baseball cap — she strode back to the kitchen, where amid canned tomatoes and clanging pots was a candlelit table for six.

“Got to have my mafia table,” she trilled, flipping her long, blond hair.

While Gigi Lazzarato may not be a household name, she receives the It Girl treatment at the Nice Guy and many other places in this town. Last year, she caught the eye of James Goldstein, an art collector and basketball buff, at a party he hosted for the designer Jeremy Scott and Longchamp, the French handbag company.

“Blond is usually his type,” Ms. Lazzarato, 23, said of Mr. Goldstein. “That’s what he told me.”
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A few weeks later, she turned heads on the arm of August Getty, another fashion designer, at a showing of his latest collection in the back lot of Universal Studios.

Towering over much of the crowd in a skintight white calfskin garment with strategic cutouts — at 5 feet 8 inches, she favors heels four inches or higher — Ms. Lazzarato looked like a Bond Girl.

“You can’t even imagine how many people I saw that day,” she said. “It was a whirlwind. Hundreds of faces.”

PS: people are always asking about makeup help, you should check out her youtube channel. Also, a new documentary is coming soon about her life “This is Everything: Gigi Gorgeous “