Jennifer Leitham – Triple Play Project

With less than 3 days left in the Triple Play Project, it’s crunch time, and with your donations we can reach our goal. Please join the elite 98 folks who have joined together to help make this dream a partial reality so far. Please help fully fund this project!

I can’t begin to express my gratitude to all of those enlightened folks who have joined the campaign. I promise that you are all going to love this music! (I also promise that the frequency of these mailings will go back to previous levels after Monday.)

We look forward to you following us as we bring these projects to fruition. Video updates and pictures are posted in the Gallery section of the Triple Play site and will continue to be posted as we go through the process, even after the fundraising has ended. A new wave of perks is being shipped this week and we’re going to hold more group video chats as the project progresses.

Visit the Triple Play Project site on Indiegogo for all of the information and contribute TODAY! Take advantage of the awesome perks at each level. You can give any amount, from $10 to $5000 or more, (and be sure to include the shipping and handling charge listed with each perk description).

About the music:
The 2nd project is going to be my first holiday themed album. Many of you have heard my holiday arrangements performed live, and I’ve been writing some new ones as well as new original music. One of the highlights will be Bob Dorough’s classic “Blue Christmas”, (that he recorded with Miles Davis). I wrote a new arrangement and am very excited to record that one!

The 3rd project is going to be my first solo bass album. In response to the huge demand for downloads of my solo performances on my last 4 releases, I’ve decided to put out an entire album of new solo bass music. This is something I’ve wanted to do since the early days of my career. I’ve collected a lot of material over the decades, and I hope you will help to make it happen!

You can go directly to the Triple Play Project site by clicking here.

I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to create these projects with you, the people who have supported my music through the years past and have inspired me to now continue on into the future.

Thanks ever so much,