Join Dan on Google+

Social networking sites come and go. Remember Friendster? Then there was MySpace, and of course, Facebook.

Google Plus (Google+) has the potential to be a true game changer. If you use google for search, or picasa for photos, or google maps, or gmail for mail, then you might have an idea of the power.

When you become a Google+ member, your social networking site follows you around the web. It’s right there when you search for something, or when you are getting directions or checking your email.

The modern trend in social networking is to force you to use your real name. Real name, real photo. No transparency. For many this is great, but others… well let’s just say that anonymity was always one of the perks of having an online persona.

Even here at URNA, we know that forcing people to use their real information isn’t an option. There are so many people here for so many different reasons. Some of us can be open and out about who we are, but there is still a vast majority of people who have to maintain a certain level of privacy.

That being said, many of our members DO live out and open about who they are. One of the things missing from Google+ is transgendered representation. There are some out there, but usually at the far ends of the spectrum (Drag Queens or People who have transitioned).

Dan (your webmaster) has been a member for several months, and I still have about 150 invites left, so if you would like an invite to Google+, use this link!

Remember. It’s not for everyone, but anything that can help us network with more like minded people on similar journey’s can’t be all bad, right?