Jokers Wild – By Jacob Anderson-Minshall

?I had always wanted to meet a real writer, but none of them would ever hang out with me because of my overbite,? jokes transgender satirist Charlie Anders about the motivation behind her critically acclaimed, San Francisco spoken-word variety show, Writers With Drinks. ?OK, I did occasionally wind up with my teeth in their lapels. But really, it?s just a sign of respect.?

In addition to organizing the highly praised literary event, Anders ( is a prolific writer, authoring the 2002 non-fiction how-to guide The Lazy Crossdresser, and the 2006 Lambda award-winning novel Choir Boy, a genderqueer action-adventure novel about religion. Her work is represented in nearly a dozen anthologies including Pills Chills Thrills & Heartache, Pinned Down By Pronouns and The
Anti-Capitalism Reader.

?Most of my anthology contributions have been fiction,? Anders says. ?And everybody knows that fiction is just your childhood trauma filtered through the prism of music videos.? Making light of her pension for anthologies, Anders teases, ?I haven?t made it into Chicken Soup for the Soul or Best American Erotica yet. I tried writing one story that would make it into both volumes, a sort of spiritual journey where people find healing with kinky sex.?