Journals Are Here

Well gang, it’s taken over three months to get the code in place and running, and we know that there are still a ton of bugs to stamp out, but URNotAlone is pleased to announce the addition of Journals to our list of free services.

It’s pretty simple. If you have ever wanted a daily diary, or just a place to put down your thoughts, this is the service for you. Now you can enter your thoughts about meeting new friends, your experience as you transition, anything that you want.

You will notice when you first log in that there is a link to post journal entries. You will also notice that there is a tab on your profile where you can view your most recent entries, as well as entries of everyone you list as a friend.

That’s not all. Like all of our services, that basic feature is free, but if you chose to help support URNA financially, we’ll give you extra features. That’s right, if you are subscriber to one of our content services, you will be able to post HTML to your entries. You will also be able to make posts “Friends Only” which means that only people you have added to your Friend lists can read them. Last of all, you can disable comments for those thoughts you really don’t need to discuss.

We will be making changes and additions to the new system of the next few weeks, but the core code is in place. Poke around, test it out and let us know what you think.

This is quite possibly the single most complicated bit of code that we have added to the site to date, and we know that its not perfect, but if you will send in your bug reports along with your comments and suggestions, we will get the ball rolling and try to make this feature one of the best ones yet!

Note to OS X Safari Users: Apple recently made changes to their web browser which make it incompatible with our WYSIWYG text editor. We hope that this will be resolved soon, but for the time being, Only IE, Netscape or Firefox work Properly with the Journal System.