Just a boy: my first run-in with a transexual

blogs.CreativeLoafing.com – by Ricky Redwood

My mother raised me to live a very vanilla lifestyle. We went to church each Sunday, had dinner at six o’clock, and I wasn’t supposed to have sex until I was married. I was happy with that lifestyle because I was sheltered and had no idea that there was a world outside of Jesus. That all changed when we got Internet service when I was ten years old.

I got the birds and the bees, the chains and the whips, and the chicks with the dicks all via the double-click (read that line out loud sometime, it’s fun). I learned that all girls loved to expose their bathing suit areas, loved being fucked (sometimes in the butt!), and even sometimes loved to make out with each other. And, with a valid credit card, I could have unlimited access.