KC transvestite accused of misleading partner


Kansas City, Mo. (AP) — Even in the messy legal world of dividing property after a failed romance, this case was exceptional.

A Jackson County judge was asked to consider whether a transvestite had misled a former male fiance into believing she was a woman.

Ferris Griggs of Kansas City, Kan., sued Josie Garcia of Kansas City, claiming that Garcia had defrauded him by pretending to be a woman.

Griggs wanted the judge to remove Garcia’s name from a deed to a $20,000 house they co-own. Griggs also gave Garcia a $2,500 engagement ring, but didn’t ask for that back.

Garcia, who goes by the name Cindy, testified that Griggs knew all along that she was a man, and that they often had sex during a relationship that lasted many months. Garcia dressed as a woman in court.