Keepin It Harsh – A Conversation With Jendeen Forberg – by Terrance Griep

We’re sitting outside an Uptown Minneapolis coffee shop – Jendeen, Tempest, and I – and it’s obvious that this is Jendeen in her natural element, Jendeen at her Jendeeniest.

That may sound strange to fans who know Jendeen Forberg as the take-no-prisoners, oh-by-the-way-transgendered drummer of Harsh Reality (and formerly of All The Pretty Horses, along with Tempest, Jendeen’s collaborator in music and life). Those fans would expect Jendeen’s harshest reality to be anchored behind the skins.

But no. Passersby cast familiar-feeling glances at us, seeing Jendeen as her true self-that is, a star…not because she’s being interviewed, but because she repeatedly stops the interview to say hello to a friend, or buy an acquaintance a Coke.

When not coping with the slings and arrows of sidewalk fame, Jendeen hits Lavender over the head with syncopated frankness and a finely tuned sense of irony.